BluTV: Tautai A'e ma Asiata: Saupisapisa Fata - Dawnraid

Saupisapisa Fata (Afega, Samoa) is 76 years old who migrated to New Zealand in 1963. Sau is a mother of five grown children: Caroline, Harry, Gus, Joe and Simon who were born and raised in NZ. She has 20 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

In 1970, Sau experienced the “Dawn Raid” in Mangere. She was feeding her baby and heavily pregnant when the police and their dogs entered her room looking for people who had overstayed. Sau is sharing her story for the first time after many years her “Dawn Raid” experience.

She is happy to be part of the Government apology in the weekend at the Auckland Town Hall. For her, the apology is a heavy weight that’s lifted after many years of shame and pain she experienced from the Dawn Raids when they came to her home.

Watch below for Tautai A'e ma Asiata

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