BluTable Talanoa: Misiluki - Lufilufi Rasmussen

We were happy to have the Founder and Director of Misiluki, Lufilufi Rasmussen!! a real Island Girl at heart with entrepreneurship spirit!

We have copied and pasted Misilukis journey here for you! enjoy!

Misiluki is my absolute passion where our core value of "Loto Alofa' to do everything from the heart" is the driving force.

My journey as an entreprenuer and my own wellness journey started with establishing Misiluki Day Spa in 2008 and is still going strong today. Our signature 'Face Care Collection was launched in 2016 and recently our Body Care Collection was recently launched in January 2021.

Misiluki Plantation Retreat, sits on a 5 acre plantation, based high on Mt Fiamoe, Afiamalu, Samoa - a truly spiritual and magical place. This is the home of Misiluki, a joyful and heartfelt tribute to my late parents. The planning and renovation of our family estate to convert it into a retreat was completed over a 2 year period. We are excited to be announcing our Misiluki Plantation Retreats will be opening 2022.

I have always aspired to be an alchemist in January 2020 I decided to study an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetics Science, which has totally given me the key to explore the candy store of Ingredients and what the organic skincare I am able to create from plants.

Our Artisan Lab was set up on Misiluki Plantation as our creative space to think up and develop all our amazing organic formulations. Best of all, we organically grow, extract and process some of the key ingredients we use in our formulations giving them the highest efficacy and all handcrafted in Samoa and New Zealand.

Our Felelei Programmes are a huge part of Social Enterprise Work and contribution within the community in Samoa and New Zealand, so stay tuned and find out where you can join in on our community health and wellness programmes.

What's important to me? Listening to my gut instinct and doing things from the heart. This has really helped to guide me in all that I do with work, family and life in general. Most importantly it opens up the space for me to be creative and have the clarity to really be conscious about living a meaningful life with intention.

I am continually inspired by beautiful Samoa and New Zealand (my two homes) and the amazing people who have been on this journey with me and whom I am destined to meet. I'm looking forward to meeting you and sharing my gift of wellness with you all!

Alofa Atu Lufilufi xo

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